Candidate Onboarding services

We support you all the way from the first point of contact until you start in a new position.

We dont charge you for our service, education, or support!

First point of contact

As soon as you have reached out to us, we will assess your work experience and any opportunity to obtain employment in a new job as a nurse.

Verification of documents

We help you to secure the necessary personal documents needed for the national authorization process.

Applying for authorization

We take care of the authorization process as well as the communication with the national authorities.

Candidate presentation

We help you setup a professional candidate presentation, containing your standardized healthcare CV as well as personal motivation and background for applying for a position.

Candidate listing

As a qualified candidate you are admitted to our candidate list and introduced to interested hospitals and clinics.

Job interviews

We arrange presentations and job interviews, online and, if desired, also physical meetings with interested employers.


We arrange basic professional language courses and a course introducing you to the organization and cultural environment in the national health sector.


We guide our candidates to retrieve a social security number, a bank account etc.. We introduce our candidates to the tax conditions, and help you to prepare a personal budget.

Full time employment

You will enter a full-time employment agreement directly with the hospital, based on the current active union salary and working conditions.


We explore the possibilities and help you find a suitable accommodation.


We support you and arrange follow-up meetings with you and your new employer.