About us

About us

We make a difference

Welcome to Care People Group recruiting and onboarding program. We are a international company that contributes to meeting the increasing demand for qualified healthcare personnel in the healthcare sector.

It is our mission to find and offer highly qualified healthcare personnel who can contribute to the best possible patient care.
Through our international network, we find competent and professionally trained nurses and health personnel from the EU.

We build on strong values

Trust: We strive to establish a safe and trust-building dialogue and process for our candidates.

Professionalism: Professionalism and expertise is essential. We take pride in presenting the best qualified candidates for the job

Security: We create the foundation for a good and safe process and take care of the entire process from the first contact, through to starting a new job abroad.

Recommended by our candidates

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5-star recommendations from our candidates. Their positive experience confirm that Care People Group is a helpful and supportive recruitment agency for health personnel who are considering to relocate.